Tips to Spruce Up Your Dining Room Lighting

Tips to Spruce Up Your Dining Room Lighting

If you are taking a hard look at your dining room lighting and finding it sub-optimal, don't fret. Carol's Lighting is a local lighting store with two locations in Humble and Conroe, Texas. We carry the best brands of the highest quality in lighting, including Hinkley, Kichler, Quoizel, and Schonbek. Our ALA-certified lighting designers are ready to help you with your lighting selection and can offer helpful advice on the latest lighting trends for your spaces. You can schedule a free appointment anytime. Below, we'll take a look at ways you can spruce up your dining room lighting. Stop by one of our locations, or shop online today!


Start With Your Centerpiece

If you want to spruce up your dining room, you'll definitely want to get creative with your centerpiece lighting, which most often hangs over the dining room table and serves as a crucial piece to set the mood of your space. From multiple hanging lights to a stunning crystal chandelier, the sky's the limit for choosing your dining room centerpiece lighting. Ask a lighting designer here at Carol's Lighting for guidance today.


Add Accent Lighting

Lighting works together to give off a great vibe for a space. Accent lighting is the type of lighting that can often supply the glow and warmth you get when you enter a space. It's the type that makes you want to cuddle up with a cup of cocoa and a warm blanket to watch a good TV show at night. Great types of accent lighting that can look wonderful in your dining room space include wall sconces, picture lights, and small decorative lamps. Browse our selection online today!


Consider Dimmers

Lighting controls are one of the best ways to adjust the look and feel of a space, including your dining room. It's perfect to have bright task lighting for when you are eating, but to dim the lights when you are having coffee and dessert and just sitting around visiting. There are many types of lighting controls these days, including smart lighting controls, so you can easily have the perfect amount of light in your dining room no matter the occasion. Browse online today!


Consider a Change in the Side And/Or Number of Lighting Fixtures

There are many ways to add interest to your dining room fixtures and give it an updated look. One way is to change up the size of your centerpiece lighting. You can opt for an oversized chandelier that adds a good amount of light and becomes the focal point of your space. A single pendant or a beautiful chandelier is the way to go in this instance. Another great way to spruce up your dining room lighting is by changing the number of light fixtures in your space. You'll add visual drama while improving the lighting, too.


Hang an Artistic & Dazzling Mirror

You might be wondering how a mirror helps with lighting. Did you know that mirrors reflect up to 95% of the light that hits them? This light then bounces back into your space, making it look much bigger than it actually is. Thus, mirrors help to keep and amplify the natural and artificial light in your dining room, making your space nice and bright. And, mirrors are great home decor items that add to your space. We suggest finding a great mirror to hang in your dining room that looks like a window, adding a creative touch.


Dining rooms are important areas in your home. It's where your guests come to have a great home cooked meal, where your family gathers at night to catch up on the day, and possibly where your children do their homework while you cook dinner. Thus, it's important to have the right lighting in your dining room that is functional and looks great.

The lighting designers at Carol's Lighting are here to ensure your dining room lighting is all of that and more. They have years of experience and keep up with the latest design trends in order to offer you the best advice for your space. We offer free lighting consultations, so if you are looking to upgrade your lighting or just want advice on an extra lamp, we can help. Schedule an appointment at either our Conroe or Humble lighting store location, or shop our vast selection of indoor, outdoor, and holiday lights online today!

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